Getting Started

Are you ready to get started using your program’s Aquifer subscription? Our video overview is a great way to start getting up-to-speed on our trusted virtual patient cases and the features of Aqueduct, our teaching and learning platform. 


Preivew our content and teaching and learning platform through our demo cases, available for each Aquifer signature course:

Access Your Aquifer Account

You will receive an email invitation from Aquifer inviting you to complete your registration and access your cases in Aqueduct once your program adds you to the platform as a user. Follow the link in your invitation email to complete your user profile, set your password, and sign in.

If you did not receive an email invitation, it’s fast and easy to resend your access invitation.

For New Programs & Program Service Administrators

Setting up your new subscription—or getting started as a new administrator—is easy with Aquifer. Program Service Administrators are the primary manager of an Aquifer account for each institution. If you are the Program Service Administrator or another lead administrator for your program, you have a few quick and easy steps to follow to provide access for your faculty, administrators, and students.

For North American Medical Schools & Physician Assistant Programs who are completing the Access Request Process:
After completing the Access Request Form, while You’re Waiting for Your Aquifer Access:
  1. Watch our New Programs COVID-19 Access Orientation video (coming soon).
  2. Ask your IT department to whitelist our domains and review our system requirements.
  3. Review our user roles and permissions and consider which Aquifer roles are appropriate for your faculty and staff. Aquifer is flexible to meet the needs of your program–it’s up to you to decide how to assign roles and divide administrative tasks. Permissions vary on features like access to student progress reports, creating custom courses, managing administrative users, and rostering students, to allow you program complete control over how your subscription is managed.  
  4. Organize a list of faculty and staff emails–in a csv file–by the Aquifer role you will assign them. This will make it fast and easy to add them to our system.
  5. Decide who is going to roster students for your program. They will need to gather a csv list of students’ official institutional email addresses.
  6. Be sure to forward our “Getting Started with Aquifer” email to your faculty and staff. This is a key resource because it includes links to the Educator Guides for all Aquifer courses.
  7. Review the rest of the Getting Started page (below) and watch our video tutorials.
When Your Access is Available:
  1. When you receive our automated email with the subject “Invitation to Access Aquifer Courses for (Program name)”, follow the link in the email invitation to sign in, set your password, and 
  2. Add administrative users and faculty. Your team will not be able to access Aquifer until you add them!
  3. Roster your students in your Aquifer account (or assign this to a designated person at your program to centralize this important process).
  4. Open the Educator Resources section and explore the Educator Guides and teaching tools available to you.
  5. Explore the searchable Case Library.
  6. Set up–or recommend to your team–Custom Courses to organize the cases and students you need.
  7. Check out the “Need Help” searchable support menu and interactive guidance in the bottom right corner of your Aquifer account.

Once you have access to your Aquifer account, review these steps for a smooth and seamless start:

  • Carefully review Aqueduct roles and responsibilities to fully understand the available roles and their associated permissions. You have complete control over who can view reports, add student rosters, and access student data, the system is designed so you can manage your subscription in a way that best fits your program needs. Decide who will fill each of these roles in your program as the first step to your successful startup.
  • Prepare your student roster. Your student roster should consist of your students’ official institutional email addresses in a comma-separated (CSV) file in a format that can be copied and pasted into Aqueduct.
  • Gather administrative and teacher email addresses. Similar to your student roster information, you will want to have email addresses for everyone filling an administrative role in a comma separated file in a format that can be copied and pasted into Aqueduct.
  • Once you have made your role decisions and gathered the information above, you’re ready to review our support resources below and begin your work.

Note: Be sure to inform all relevant faculty and staff that they will be gaining access to Aquifer’s valuable teaching and learning resources. We recommend sharing a link to this page to help your team get started.

Our extensive online support resources are available 24/7, including in-platform interactive guidance. 

Next Steps:

Learn More: Next Steps

Aquifer’s extensive support resources are available 24/7 and include video overviews, interactive walk-throughs in Aqueduct, and step-by-step instructions. Our experienced team also provides personalized training for institutional subscriptions. Unfortunately due to high demand and our small staff, we are not able to provide this service to our new programs during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tools & Resources for All Faculty & Administrators

All administrative and faculty users have access to the searchable Case Library, where it is easy to search and filter our cases to discover new content and quickly the cases you need to assign to students. We’re dedicated to ensuring that each program makes the most of their Aquifer subscription. Please be sure to review the extensive resources and valuable teaching tools included with your subscription.

Manage Your Courses, Students & Users

Explore our support resources to get up-to-speed on the features you need to use in Aqueduct. Because Aquifer is flexible to fit the needs of your program, your access to the tools below depends on the Aquifer user role assigned to you by your institution.

We’re Here to Help

In addition to our 24/7 online resources, Aquifer’s support community includes a dedicated Relationship Manager for your program, tech support, and the opportunity to schedule peer consultations with members of the Aquifer Educators Consortium. Please contact us if you would like more information.