User Guides & Teaching Tools

Aquifer’s Educator Guides are your complete guide to using—and making the most of—Aquifer courses in your program. The Educator Guides are ideal for educators who are looking to:
  • Get started using Aquifer

    for new staff members or new subscribers.

  • Discover best-practices and new ideas

    for integrating Aquifer into your course or curriculum.

  • Take advantage of free resources

    included with your subscription.

  • Catch up on the latest

    features, Educator Resources, and assessment options.

  • Access a quick reference guide

    to all of the cases, resources, and features for your course.

Key Features

All Educator Guides include:

  • Course overview and pedagogy
  • Integration strategies
  • Features overview (searchable Case Library, custom courses, and more)
  • Resources included with your subscription (free courses, Aquifer Sciences Curriculum Database)
  • Support resources
  • Case details (Case Synopses, Learning Objectives, clinical locations)
  • Direct links to any course-specific additional resources and tools

Educator Guide Library

We currently offer Educator Guides for the following courses. To access the guides, please see the details below—you will need to sign in to your Aquifer account.

Additional Resources

Our Educator Guides include direct links to additional course-specific teaching and learning tools created by the Aquifer Educators Consortium. These tools are fully developed, available for download, and ready to use in your teaching. Currently, our additional resources include:

User Story Videos
Hear from top educators around the country who are using Aquifer to provide consistent clinical experiences, complete coverage of national curriculum standards, self-directed learning, and remediation opportunities for their students. User Story Videos are available for each Aquifer course.

Accessing Educator Guides & Resources

Sign in to your Aquifer account in Aqueduct, our teaching and learning platform.

From your Courses page, click on the green Educator Resources bar.

The Educator Resources page shows all of the resources available for your program’s subscribed courses and free interdisciplinary courses. Click on resources for your desired course to view and/or download resource files.